The brewery’s founder is Ori Sagy, a former Air Force pilot. He’s been involved with beer as a hobby for about 30 years. During this time, he visited and learned about beer around the world. In recent years, he began to brew beer at home in small quantities. His great love for beer and the long acquaintance with quality beer around the world came to fruition in the wonderful beer brew. After many years of service in the Air Force, Ori decided to turn the hobby into a profession.
During 2008, Ori studied beer production technology institutionally at the Siebel Institute of Technology and successfully completed the certification exams. Our beer was developed and designed by Uri and he continues to invest in designing additional styles and flavors that will be added later.
In the process of making the idea a reality, Uri joined three dear people. Aviam Sela, also an Air Force pilot, amateur and collector of single malt whiskey and a great expert in this field. Yoram and Ari Razin, senior restaurateurs in the country whose passion for quality leads them in all areas of their business.
The brewery staff currently numbers about 13 employees, production, packaging and office workers who all together contribute their share to creating an excellent Israeli beer.