Style: Saison
Alcohol: 7%
Yeast: Saison
Appearance: Golden orange, white foamy thick head
Nose: Turbulent fruit, citrus, pepper, cloves, earth, and hops
Taste: cereal whiskers, bitter lemon peel with a touch of tartness, balanced balmy bitterness, beautifully dry and well-balanced beer with a light body, very drinkable and sage

Alexander SAISON is a long-standing Belgian-style beer called Season
Season (French for Season) This is the beer they made in farmhouses in southern Belgium for the summer season to quench thirst when working hours in the fields and heat.
The style is characterized by extraordinary complexity in flavors and smells, dryness and a little acidity
What causes the season to be a season is a special kind of yeast and in some cases, unconventional types of cereals that on the farm used cereals that were available on cooking day
We made our season with special and spoiled seasonal yeast from Belgium, and in addition to using barley, we also used a special grain that is a type of early wheat and unpalatable wheat.
This is a different and special beer and those who have not tasted a season will be pleasantly surprised by the odors of wild fruits, spices, soil, grass and more … The flavors accordingly – cereals, bread, citrus fruits, accompanied by a delicate, dry, refreshing drink, especially suited to the sunny days in Israel

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