Style: Free style
Alcohol: 8.4%
Looks: black, thick, brown head
Nose: chocolate honey orange
Taste: sweetness of dark chocolate with hints of honey and oranges, delicate and complex bitterness, smooth as silk

We created this beer together with Mikkel Borg of Denmark, the creative mind behind the Mikkeller beer brand.

We wanted to make a beer that would express the encounter between the two artists with each bringing to the planning table his world and his love and create something new that none of us has yet done without the chains of style or tradition. So we made The beer of Milk & Honey – From the land of milk & honey With milk and honey and oranges. The result is a completely different beer Dark, thick, sweet beer, with flavors of honey and orange chocolate and a surprising smooth body, a dessert beer for a good meal or just to savor on its own


2017 – Silver Medal – European Beer Star