Style: Imperial Stout Alcohol: 10.4%

Yeast: Upper fermentation, ale

Appearance: Black with reddish shine thick brownish foam head

Nose: Rich and complex aroma, roasted underparts, coffee, burnt caramel, alcohol, licorice

Taste: rich and complex deep, alcoholic espresso, dried fruits, cocoa beans, dark caramel, licorice, molasses and other flavors, full body and smooth, long alcoholic coffee flavor with smooth and delightful bitterness

Leaves in winter and is suitable for cold days and definitely intended for advanced. The style is Imperial Stout, a style born in 18th-century England and legend tells that it became the preferred capital of the great Catherine Empress of Russia and later called Russian Imperial Stout. Style characteristics are high alcohol content, use of roasted lentils that give the beer an all-black color and deep bitterness.
Our Imperial Stout in the spirit of style is a great beer, great in flavors and richness in complexity and alcohol 10.4%! With more and more layers of flavor that emerge in every sip. This is really not a beginner beer.

We decided to decorate the bottles in the work of an Israeli artist and the painting on the label is the brushstroke of multidisciplinary artist Guy Pichon.

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