Style: New England Style Double IPA  Alcohol: 8%

Yeast: Ale

Appearance: Cloudy, "fruit juice"

Nose: Guiba, lychee, mango, peach, and other fruits

Taste: juicy fruit, delicate bitterness, and balance with a little spiciness, full and smooth body and long and interesting aftertaste

We created this beer together with Mikkel Borg of Denmark, the creative bro master behind the Mikkeller beer brand. This is the second time we are making an interesting new beer that combines the ideas and approaches of both creators Mikkel and Uri. Recently developed a new style in the Northeast US and nicknamed New England Style IPA or Hazy IPA. This country-style has not yet arrived and we like to innovate. More so than traditional IPA
We created a beer of this style but stronger - Double IPA with 8% alcohol and with the addition of a rye that adds to the turbulent fruitiness also another interesting seasoning

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