Style: Barley Wine Alcohol: 11.2%

Yeast: Upper fermentation, ale

Appearance: Transparent and shiny copper

Nose: Rich and complex aroma, alcoholic toffee, rich malt, and delicate hops aroma

Taste: Intense and complex, alcoholic warmth initially with many layers of flavors, bitter brandy, toffee, dark caramel with hinted nuts, sugary citrus peel, refined sweetness, and balanced bitter present, full and smooth body, bitter and long dry finish.

The interest and demand for quality beer continue to develop in the country and more people want to experience the wonderful wealth of the beer world. We in the capital Alexander feel that it is now possible to stretch the boundaries a bit and release some of our Bromaster's works that will illustrate the tremendous richness of the art of beer making and suit advanced beer enthusiasts
For the 10th anniversary of Alexander's, we decided to celebrate with Barley Wine, one of the earliest beer styles that were common in England as early as the 15th century and which is a kind of bridge between the beer world and the wine world. Style characteristics are high alcohol content, a rainbow of malt flavors on the front with leading sweetness, full body and depth of flavors. 11.2% alcohol.

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