Style: Fest Bier Alcohol: 5.7%

Yeast: Lager

Appearance: Golden, clear

Nose: cereal, fresh bread, honey, noble hops

Taste: Liquid warmth, pleasant and smooth malt with implied fruitiness, gentle and balanced bitterness, creamy smooth body, gentle shredding, sage and very drinkable.

A collaboration that dates back to the initiative of the German Embassy in honor of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel and ended with an excellent beer we created together with FAUST Brewery from Germany that has been making beer using traditional methods for 360 years. Cornelius Faust, FAUST's bro master came to our brewery in the Hefer Valley and together we created a German Fest style lager with Israeli characteristics and Israeli wheat as part of the raw materials.
FAUST is one of the few breweries in Germany that still makes beer using the traditional method of DECOCTION MASH and we did this beer in accordance with this tradition that creates flavors to give warm and deep and delicious to Allah. Anyone with good memories of the Oktoberfest in Germany is expecting a nostalgic flashback.

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